A Message from Superintendent of Schools

Daniel E. Giordano

The Lindenhurst Union Free School District prides itself on being the home of excellent schools. This tradition has to do with the district’s approach of educating the “whole child.” It is imperative to us that students are not only challenged and engaged academically, but that they are safe, community-minded and prepared for life beyond the high school.            

One of the ways in which we prepare our students as a district and as a community is to proactively provide them with the information needed to avoid making poor choices that could lead them down a dangerous path. As you are probably aware, drug abuse on Long Island and throughout the nation as a whole has spiked and is not something we can ignore. We must continue to keep our students informed about this issue and supported should they need our assistance.            

At the elementary level, Lindenhurst students participate in character education programs and educational events such as Red Ribbon Week, among others, in which they vow to respect themselves and live drug-free. Additionally, the fifth-grade students participate in a health curriculum covering a myriad of related topics including the effects of tobacco, alcohol and drug use.                      

Through various programs and presentations, students at the middle and high school levels are consistently reminded of the need to make safe choices and are armed with the tools to combat difficult social situations. The Lindy Cares Coalition has been a driving force in supporting and expanding upon these efforts. They are a volunteer group of residents who work together to provide knowledge and education to others in hopes of preventing underage drinking and substance abuse.            

Recently, Lindy Cares requested the use of a space in the Lindenhurst High School’s Adult Education hallway, in which they can house the Town of Babylon’s Beacon of Wellness Center satellite office. Since the efforts of Lindy Cares align with our goal of providing education and support to our high school students, the Board of Education and administration approved their request. The town will provide a counselor from their drug and alcohol department, who can provide comprehensive support and accessible chemical dependency treatment services for Lindenhurst High School students in need. Once put into place, the counselor will occupy the office for set hours at the end of the day and will operate following all of the Town of Babylon guidelines.               

We see this as yet another opportunity for the district and community to come together as partners in education. This is another chance to provide those Lindenhurst students who may have lost their way with an opportunity to get back onto the pathway of success.            

Should you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me at 867-3001.


Daniel E. Giordano

Superintendent of Schools




August 25, 2016