Central Administration

McKenna Administration Building, 350 Daniel Street, Lindenhurst, NY 11757


Superintendent of Schools                                     
Daniel E. Giordano 867-3001
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Instructional Personnel  
Vincent A. Caravana 867-3010
Assistant Superintendent for Business and Non-Instructional Personnel  
Jacqueline A. Scrio 867-3020
Assistant to the Superintendent for Elementary Curriculum and Instruction  
Dr. Lisa M. Omeis 867-3087
Assistant to the Superintendent for Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services  
Suzanne Sugarman 867-3105
Coordinator of Elementary Special Education   
Linda Kaye 867-3119
Plant Facilities Administrator  
John Marek 867-3120
Assistant Business Administrator  
Connie Robinson 867-3043
District Treasurer  
Rose Seiter 867-3022
Director of Athletics, Physical Education & Health  
Anthony V. Amesti 867-3090
I.T. Operations (L.I. Computer Networks)  
Steven Mazza 867-3060
Coordinator of English  
Alyson Civita HS: 867-3790 MS: 867-3590
Coordinator of Music and Fine Arts  
Rose M. Marvel 867-3135
Coordinator of Mathematics  
Trecia Wong
HS: 867-3790 MS: 867-3590
Coordinator of Science  
Chrystie Young HS: 867-3790 MS: 867-3590
Coordinator of Social Studies  
Richard Finder HS: 867-3790 MS: 867-3590
Coordinator of Foreign Language & ESL  
Shelita Watkis 867-3085
Coordinator of Guidance  
Barbara Donnellan HS: 867-3750 MS: 867-3550
Coordinator of Secondary Special Education  
Stephen Posselt HS: 867-3789  MS: 867-3585
Coordinator of Instructional Technology  
Kelly Waters Urraro 867-3088


Director of Adult/Continuing Education  
James T. Campbell 867-3140
Health and Safety Director  
Robert Cozzetto 867-3126
Coordinator of Communications  
Alison DeMaria 867-3023


November 25, 2015