West Gates Students Explore Sweet Science


Second-grade students in Mrs. Karen Garguilo’s class at West Gates Avenue Elementary School recently took part in an “igloo STEM challenge” in which they used their imagination and marshmallows to complete a task. The young scientists were asked to imagine that their teams were selected to explore the Arctic and found themselves facing nightfall. Needing shelter, they were tasked with collaborating and constructing an igloo using the strongest materials (100 marshmallows and 50 toothpicks) to withstand 20 seconds of cold Arctic wind (a hair blow dryer).            

In small groups, the students used their STEM Journals and the scientific method to make predictions, establish goals and sketch ideas before attempting to build their structures. With only 20 minutes to complete the task, they had to work efficiently.            

Their planning was successful. All of the teams constructed igloo shelters strong enough to withstand the elements. Science is sweet!  

VIDEO: Celebrating Women in Sports

Women in Sports

Valentines for Veterans


Students of the district recently took part in the Valentines for Veterans program.            

They were invited to decorate cards for the brave servicemen and women who served the country. The students offered good wishes and added their personal touches which reflected their respect and support for the veterans.            

Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean-Pierre, who initiated the project, collected the cards to deliver them to the servicemen and women who live at the Long Island State Veterans Home. 

Information Regarding Rescheduled Kindergarten Registration

Please Be Advised of the Following Kindergarten Registration Changes:

Registration for Albany Avenue will be held on February 27, 8am-12:30pm.

Registration for Alleghany Avenue will be held on February 28, 8am-12:30pm.

Elementary Swim Lesson Registration

Please be advised that elementary swim lesson registration will be held on Saturday, March 4 from 8 - 10 am at the high school pool.

$35 per child and checks/money orders should be made out to "Lindenhurst Schools."

Call 1-631-867-3465 should you have any questions

Students ‘Eat-n-Serve’ Their Community


Seventy-two Lindenhurst High School students collectively logged more than 67 community service hours as they took part in the first “Eat-n-Serve” session held in the school’s library.

Students volunteered to spend their lunch session in the library working with Amanda Lotitio and Rosalia Millan of the Lindenhurst Public Library making over 80 plush pet toys for the Babylon Animal Shelter in West Babylon. The project was inspired by the Mutt-i-grees in the Library program which aims to enhance children’s social and self awareness while highlighting the unique characteristics and desirability of shelter dogs.

The Lindenhurst students made over 80 plush pet toys for the Babylon Animal Shelter in West Babylon and learned about additional community service opportunities.

Athletes celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day


Lindenhurst Middle School recently celebrated National Girls and Women in Sports Day with a special breakfast for seventh- and eighth-grade female student-athletes. This was the 18th year the breakfast was held at the Lindenhurst Middle School in honor of the student-athletes. Andrea Curran, a former physical education teacher at the school, established the program in 1999.            

This year’s guest speaker was Diane Josefson, a Lindenhurst graduate, teacher and coach, who shared with the girls her experiences as an athlete and discussed the ways in which sports helped shape her life.            

“I’ve been involved in athletics in Lindenhurst for over 40 years,” said Josefson. “Being involved in sports allowed me to form great friendships with my teammates and develop pride in my school and community. Your involvement in athletics teaches you to be strong, proud and confident, and I want you all to stick with it.”              

NGWSD is a nationwide celebration that incorporates community-based events, ceremonies and activities honoring the achievements, as well as encouraging participation of girls and young women in sports. This year’s celebration marks the 31st annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day and the 45th anniversary of the signing of Title IX law which prevents the denial of anyone from being included in any federally-funded educational activity or program based on sex. The theme of this year’s celebration was Expanding Opportunities: The Power of Play.

Information Regarding LHS Senior Prom

In an effort to keep student safety as a primary concern, there will be a mandatory meeting for all parent/guardians of prom attendees.

CLICK HERE to review the prom contract carefully for details.


Letters link district students


For several months, second-grade students of Alyson Ferreby’s class at Daniel Street Elementary School and Heather Paglino’s class at William Rall Elementary School in the Lindenhurst Union Free School District have been writing letters to each other learning about the others’ schools while developing friendships.            

The two classes came together for the first time to enjoy an afternoon of lunch and activities. Students were directly partnered with their pen pal, and using a Venn diagram, they worked together to compare and contrast their likes and dislikes in an effort to discover the common ground they share.

Chinese acrobat dazzles audience


Harding Avenue Elementary School students recently celebrated the Chinese culture and learned more about the Chinese New Year with a special performance from Chinese acrobat and performer, Li Liu. The presentation included hand balancing, place spinning, trick cycling, foot juggling and ribbon dancing.

During her performance, Liu spoke about Chinese culture and language, teaching the students how to say certain Chinese words.

Several students were given the opportunity to attempt some of the acrobatic skills such as juggling, plate spinning and ribbon dancing.

Local Scholarship Bulletin Available

Attention all Lindenhurst High School seniors!

Please be advised that the local scholarship bulletin is now available.

Please CLICK HERE to access the bulletin online.

All applications are due March 3, 2017.

Please be advised that all applications must be typed with the exception of signatures, which are to be hand-written in ink



On Jan. 13 and 14, the Lindenhurst High School Thespian Troupe performed its winter musical with a production of Monty Python's Broadway hit "Spamalot" under the direction of teacher Brett Groneman.

LHS Student to be Publish in Scientific Journal


LHS Senior Ziad Sabry has been conducting research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and with professors at SUNY Farmingdale. Their work is soon to be published. Please review this video to learn more about the work Ziad had been involved with and this incredible accomplishment.

Information Regarding Cold War Veterans' Tax Exemption

During a special Board of Education meeting held at the McKenna Administration on November 30, the Board approved the Cold war Veterans' Tax Exemption unanimously.

CLICK HERE to review more detailed information regarding the exemption.

Explanation of Changes to the 2017-18 Secondary ICT Program

CLICK HERE to review an explanation of the changes to the Secondary ICT Program for the 2017-18 school year.

Hope For Youth Overview

In support of the district’s consistent effort of providing students with opportunities to make good decisions and live healthy lives, the district has introduced the Hope for Youth program districtwide for students in grades three and four. Students will receive weekly lessons from trained professionals and explore a range of topics including goal setting, managing stress and effective communication, along with peer pressure refusal, the effects of alcohol and tobacco, and making positive choices. 

CLICK HERE to review the areas of focus and lesson overviews.

Important Information Regarding the Transportation Department

Please be advised that there is important information regarding the Board approved mileage limits for school bus transportation located on the district's transportation website. There you will also fine printable forms that may require your attention.

The transportation page can be found by clicking on the Transportation Information link under the Parents/Students section of the district homepage.



Join the Wall of Heroes

Lindenhurst  students and graduates have much to be proud of. They embody the high school motto of "Leadership, Honor and Scholarship” in many of their endeavors.            

A large number of alumni have gone on to serve our country and defend our basic freedoms. The district wishes to honor those brave members of the Lindenhurst school community by including their names on the “Lindy Grad Vets” Wall of Heroes.            

To be considered, one must complete the application located on the right of this page where it says "Wall of Heroes Application" and provide either proof of graduation from Lindenhurst or proof of service in the form of a DD214.

Please note that when submitting any information that may include personal details such as social security information, it is the responsibility of the veteran to conceal that information.

The district extends its heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of its veterans for their dedication and commitment to service.

February 25, 2017