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PTA Mission Statement

To be effective in the development of children, a good school administration needs a well-informed and participating parent body. The Parent-Teacher Association aims to establish a good home-school relationship so that teachers and parents – working together – can do the job neither can do alone. The PTA strives to establish better homes, schools and communities. Each PTA works to develop the goals of the National Council of Parent-Teacher Associations. There are more than 10 million members in the PTA, and your local units welcome into membership parents, teachers and all other citizens interested in the welfare of children.


PTA Board Directory

All telephone numbers are 631 area code unless otherwise noted.

Lindenhurst Council of PTA-Executive Officers:
President Christine Lipscomb/516-984-9625
1st Vice President Cindy Grabiec
2nd Vice President Tina Hutter
Recording Secretary Olimpia Fernandez
Corresponding Secretary Peggy Grote
Treasurer Kate Estevez
Past President Dawn Lane
Superintendent Anthony J. Davison
Albany Avenue:
President Valerie Stanton/922-1601
1st Vice President Kristin Fusaro
2nd Vice President Nicole Herrador
3rd Vice President Marcy Miller
Recording Secretary Maria Ploth
Corresponding Secretary Luisa Roberti
Treasurer Katie Belpanno
Council Delegate Melissa Andrus
Past President Katie Belpanno
Alleghany Avenue:
President Elizabeth Pancamo/845-216-8356
1st Vice President Shannon Gerhardt
2nd Vice President Meghan Shore
Recording Secretary Kelly Amundson
Corresponding Secretary Jennifer Fix
Treasurer Erica Danetieu
Council Delegate Jim Baumbach
Past President Courtney Cheeseman
Daniel Street:
President Lori Pepe/516-263-1212
1st Vice President Melissa Pritchard
2nd Vice President Kimberly Boccanfuso
Recording Secretary Claire DeMarco
Corresponding Secretary Lana Hart
Treasurer Lindsay Caparco
Council Delegate Denise Okolski
Past President Stephanie Waskewicz
Harding Avenue:
President Keri Hespeler/357-0394
1st Vice President Anthony Innamorato
2nd Vice President Brian Chamberlin
3rd Vice President Ally Salamon
Recording Secretary Christine Goodenough
Corresponding Secretary Heather Bennett
Treasurer Jodi Kyriazis
Council Delegate Melody Butler
Past President Kristie Kleiner Drennan
West Gates Avenue:
President Kristina O’Toole/921-2986
1st Vice President Erica Filippi
2nd Vice President Christine Coluccio
Recording Secretary Tara Inzinna
Corresponding Secretary Lisa Falco
Treasurer Lisa Cave
Council Delegate Kim DelleCamelie
Past President Stacy Lemmermann
William Rall:
President Christine Johnson/807-8415
1st Vice President Janine Haire
2nd Vice President Farrah McKenna
3rd Vice President Dawn Rosen
Recording Secretary Erin Primm
Corresponding Secretary Shannon Eibach
Treasurer Michele Adinolfi
Council Delegate Guinevere David
Past President Erin Primm
Middle School:
President Peggy Grote/682-0009
1st Vice President Diane Gorumba
2nd Vice President Frank Naccarato Jr.
3rd Vice President Kathy Curran
Corresponding Secretary Melissa Pritchard
Recording Secretary Tricia Delio
Treasurer Patti Delzatto
Council Delegate Anthony Tota
Past President Cindy Grabiec
High School: (PTSA) 
President AnnMarie Thomson/560-9538
1st Vice President Tinamarie Hutter
2nd Vice President Lauren Walker
3rd Vice President Dr. Candice Brodie
Recording Secretary Erin Primm
Corresponding Secretary Tanya Lindenberg
Treasurer Peggy Grote
Council Delegate Laura Eastby
Past President Julie Cicchetti
Special Education: (SEPTA)
President Diane Gorumba/(718)506-7552
1st Vice President Maria Rella
2nd Vice President Bret Kearney
Recording Secretary Patricia Delio
Treasurer Melinda Banuchi-Dolan
Council Delegate Jillian LaGreco
Past President Peggy Grote