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Library Media Center

Jennifer Freedman photo Director of Instructional Technology and Innovation
Jennifer L. Freedman
Phone: 631-867-3080




Elementary Libraries

The elementary school library media center supports the instructional needs of its students, faculty and other members of the learning community. Due to the rapidly changing landscape of information technology, library resources need to accomplish more than simply supplementing classroom instruction. To meet this need, the library media center has expanded its mission into preparing students to become digital and media-literate, lifelong learners and proposes to foster this by teaching students to become effective users of information.

Each elementary school student is scheduled for one 40-minute library class each week. During this time, students are able to access the full range of information resources and services that meet their intellectual, curricular, and recreational needs. Students are encouraged to enjoy reading and appreciate literature through author studies, group instruction and individual guidance.

The goal of the library media program is for students to gain competence in acquiring information through a variety of resources as well as to stimulate their interest in reading, viewing, and sharing information and ideas.


Middle School Library 

Inspiring today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders, the library is a safe place for discovery, development, and creation. New technology and makerspace resources lead to an engaging and exciting learning environment. When students walk through our doors, they begin a journey to become caring, responsible and active global citizens.

The LMS Media Center is a learning commons empowering students with resources and technology for exploration, creativity and innovation. We build life-long learners with critical thinking skills that carry throughout the school and beyond. We welcome all those who seek knowledge.


High School Library

The Lindenhurst High School Library Media Center is a unique blend of non-print and print resources tailored to meet the educational, vocational, and informational needs of the staff and student body. The philosophy of our media center is to support and enhance learning for students and staff of the Lindenhurst school community. The librarians strive to meet the needs of our students and teachers through frequent communication, involvement, and collaboration. Our motto is, “When in doubt, come to the library!”

Our Library Media Center comfortably seats 70 students and boasts an extensive makerspace collection that supports all areas of the curriculum. This vibrant area offers students the opportunity to create and design while taking a mental break from technology. You can often find students completing a puzzle, sewing, crafting, or playing a game during their lunch and study hall periods. The library has two distinct teaching spaces and plenty of room for those to study and work quietly. Lamination services are available for faculty and staff.

Computer facilities include a full classroom of 30 computers which students may use at their convenience, and teachers may reserve for full class lessons. The Library Media Center also has an Innovation Lab which features a 3-D printer, podcast equipment, and a Silhouette crafting machine. The librarians are available to assist with all digital software available for students and teachers on their chrome books. Additionally, all of our subscription databases and access to our online catalog can take place on students’ devices. Students can conduct research from the comfort of their own homes using resources such as Gale, Ebsco, and organize their work through Noodle Tools. The library also has a Clear Touch Learning panel which is an interactive, innovative, digital tool designed to take lessons into the next generation of learning.

The High School Library Media Center strives to use computer technology and a full range of library resources to meet the educational information needs for the entire school community. At the heart of our library is a desire to support the social emotional needs of our students through literature and hobbies that aim to build their self-worth.