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LHS Top 20 Students Named


Lindenhurst High School has announced the top 20 students of the Class of 2019. These elite students are to be commended for their dedication, effort and perseverance:  

Nicholas Hager, valedictorian

Joseph Grogan, salutatorian

Samantha Lound

Cesar Bravo

Nicholas Fleury

Sabrina Lound

Adam Quintanilla

Hisham Tadfie

Monika Orzelowski

Nadiya Dzhavala

Kyra Pontecorvo

Vincent Smith

Sandra Lesniewski

Julia Di Orio

Dana Storm

Ethan Peralta

Efrain Laguna

Shimiao Huang

Lauren Dawnkaski

Jacqueline Kalish


Reading Across Lindenhurst


Students throughout the district celebrated national Read Across in myriad ways. The day honors the birthday of the late Dr. Seuss, author of many famous children’s books including “Horton Hears A Who!,” “The Cat in the Hat!” and “There’s a Wocket in My Pocket!”

Lindenhurst High School student council members recently organized an event in which high school students volunteered to visit the district’s elementary schools and read to the young students. Additionally, they shared Seuss-themed stickers, bookmarks and word searches with classes and gave each student in the class a certificate of participation in the day.

At Lindenhurst Middle School, many teachers served as guest readers and acted out various stories, essays and poems throughout the day for students. A variety of Dr. Seuss books were read, along with other selections. Additionally, seventh-grade students in the Family and Consumer Science classes prepared Green Eggs and Ham.

Students in Lisa Cognato’s first-grade class at Albany Avenue celebrated the author through a series of academic Seuss-themed centers to reinforce skills such as comparing and contrasting, writing number sentences and solving problems, and following directions. At the end of the day, students enjoyed a special “Thing One and Thing Two” treat.

A Message Re: A Secondary School Climate Survey

CLICK HERE to review a letter from the Superintendent of Schools regarding an upcoming secondary school climate survey.

An Important Message from the Superintendent of Schools

As you know, today’s students have access to a multitude of educational technologies that allow them to expand upon their learning. However, despite their many benefits, it is important to be aware of the potentially harmful influences that may also accompany such advancements.

Most recently, the district was made aware of an online challenge referred to as the “Momo Challenge.” This “game” has been discovered on various electronic outlets.            

The game targets young adults and children as they are navigating sites such as YouTube and YouTube Kids.  Pop-up videos involving a character called Momo interrupt age-appropriate games. Momo encourages viewers to participate in a game by texting a number into an app and then completing a series of bizarre and dangerous tasks that are texted back to them.            

The longer the viewer “plays” with Momo, the challenges increase in frequency, severity and danger. It has been reported that the final challenge includes the horrifying directive to take one’s own life.            

To date, there have been no reports of a Lindenhurst student participating in such activity. I feel, however, that in our effort to ensure the safety of our students, it is imperative to inform the community of the challenge, which has been garnering the attention of schools and parents on a regional and national level.              

As always, the district remains committed to providing students with information about the dangers such behaviors and programs can have, while also promoting ways to proactively stay safe online. Additionally, the Internet filtering services, in district, aim to block access to such sites on district devices.            

I encourage you to take time to speak with your child on this topic and remind you of the importance to remain vigilant to your child’s technological activity and know what sites they are visiting and the apps they are downloading.            

Thank you for your continued partnership in education.

A Celebration of Culture


Members of the Lindenhurst school community were invited to celebrate diversity during the International Club’s seventh annual International Festival. The evening consisted of a series of student performances of traditional songs and dances reflecting myriad cultures including Italian, Ukrainian, Irish and Hispanic. Flags from around the world were proudly displayed during the Parade of Flags.  Also performing that evening were hip-hop dance group, "The Crazy Natives," who most recently shared their talents on Broadway in New York City.          

Attendees enjoyed the international cuisine provided and took part in a basket raffle.

March 21, 2019