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2020 Adult Education Spring Brochure

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MY LINDY E-Newsletter - January Edition

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CLICK HERE to view the January edition of the My Lindy E-Newsletter and learn about the wonderful things that took place in December.

ENL Family Night Fun

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The district recently hosted an ENL family night. There were more than 150 people in attendance at the event, housed in the Lindenhurst High School cafeteria.

Coordinator of World Languages, ENL and Bilingual Education Jill Schilling gave a presentation called "Celebrating Our Diversity" that included an interactive map that demonstrated the diverse population of students that were born in other countries (countries of birth), the various student languages that are spoken for ENL students (born in the US and other countries), a complete overview of the district’s ENL program and the benefits of being bilingual.  Parents and students played games, the library was there to promote their bilingual programs, there were give aways, a parent toolkit to take home and we had a google form survey. Students, their family members, teachers and district administrators took part in various activities designed to involve all family members. There was representation from the Lindenhurst Memorial Library who shared information on the bilingual programs offered there. Additionally, there were give away prizes and a parent tool kit to take home with them.            

“It's wonderful to provide an opportunity that brings parents, teachers and the community together to celebrate our diverse ethnic and cultural groups,” said Ms. Schilling. “Our school community strives to support our students and encourage involvement to build a strong home-school connection. Lindenhurst aims to build partnerships with our families and sustain connections that are aimed at improving student achievement.”

Access to 2019-20 District Calendar

It has been brought to the attention of the district's communications department that a production glitch in the printing of the 2019-2020 district calendars has resulted in their delayed delivery. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Below, you will find a pdf of the 2019-20 District Calendar for your review.

2019-20 Lindenhurst Union Free School District Calendar

January 23, 2020